About Vetromoda

Company Brief

VETROMODA is a B L Group venture. Since 1985 we have been in glass business with a foresight to become a key player in the industry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the group launched a lifestyle mirror brand called Vetromoda.

Vetromoda has experienced team of product designers from renowned institutes and skilled craftsmen to cater various needs of clients and give them aesthetically correct, practical and satisfactory mirror solutions. Vetromoda follows strict quality assurance right from raw material procurement itself. The manufacturing of mirrors has been complemented with International technologies from across Europe and Asia.

Your mirror is a valued element in your home. Consciously and unconsciously you will see it every day. It is a part of your interior and contributes to creating an atmosphere which makes you feel at home. It brings light and helps you to create a feeling of more space; it illuminates and reflects your favorite corner in a unique way.

Our vision is to exhibit the designer mirrors globally and showcase our beautiful amalgamation of design & technology. We are inspired by aesthetics and motivated with quality. We feel we are the masters of mirrors at your service.


Why Vetromoda ?

1. Get to see the finished product at ASIA’s largest display center
We have one the largest display center in ASIA. Which gives you the satisfaction of looking at the product physically. Our pan India network helps you see the product as well.

2. You work with an international quality product company
We are producing a quality product with International technology from across Europe and Asia.

3. We are durable
We use high-quality wood to create mirrors base & frame, which makes it more sturdy and all this adds overall durability.

4. A warranty of 1 year
The mirrors that we produce in our own facility are of absolute top quality. We, therefore, feel very secure about the 1 years of warranty on manufacturing

5. We customize
We are happy to adjust our mirrors to your personal wishes or your project. We customize in any style, shape, size, color, light, and defogger (on select products & special requests).

6. You buy an ecological product
We use ULTRA CLEAR MIRRORS in mirror area, it is a no lead and without copper for high clarity. The process is more Eco-friendly than ever and improves overall durability.

7. You will surely find what you are looking for in Mirror & Vanities
We offer a complete product range. A combination of mirrors & Vanities produced in-house. A total number of almost 150 types of mirrors. Hip, modern or timeless: with us, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

8. We serve with perfection
Our supply is carefully planned. On average we have 75% of our collections in stock. In this way, we are able to deliver our products with perfection and due time.

9. You are with trusted company
Our mirrors brighten up many interiors including the ones of numerous renowned hotels, home, and office. And we are one the first one to complements interior designers with perfection.

10. We deliver perfectly
Our mirrors and vanities are delivered with special protected packaging.



Changing the perception of people regarding Mirrors. Creating an environment where people get convinced by seeing what wonders a mirror can do to a HOME.


To reach maximum people by opening exclusive outlets and make people wonder finding a huge variety of Mirrors under one roof. By exhibiting our mirrors at International leveland showcasing the beautiful amalgamation of design and technology. Introducing ourselves as the only Brand in Mirrors to offer customized mirror solutions.